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Hot FingersSpats Langham’s Hot Combination explores the golden age of music, visiting the red-hot jazz of 1920’s New York through to the early days of sophisticated 1930’s Swing.

Spats Langham is a leading expert in this style of music. A performance typically includes some well known classics from song-writers such as Cole Porter and Irving Berlin, and vocalists such as the Ink-Spots, Al Bowlly and Bing Crosby mixed with more unusual and rarely heard hot syncopated jazz tunes. Spats Langham has a great ear for unearthing great and unusual tunes, and was described by the late Humphrey Littleton as ‘a Jazz Archeologist!’

The songs range from sentimental ballads like ‘Just Like a Melody From Out of the Sky’ and ‘Please’, through to novelty tunes such as ‘Lena, the Queen of Palastina’ and ‘Singing In The Bathtub’.

At different stages of the performance, the musicians also demonstrate their virtuosity with solo performances on guitar, banjo, piano, ukulele. The trio will also perform examples of ‘Gypsy Jazz’ with two guitars and double bass.

The Hot Combination plays as a four to seven piece band, with the following members:

  • Spats Langham — vocals, guitar, banjo, ukulele
  • Malcolm Sked — double bass, sousaphone, tuba
  • Danny Blyth — guitar, mandolin, clarinet, bass clarinet
    Of Hot Fingers are joined by:
  • Norman Field — clarinet, alto-sax, c-melody sax, bass clarinet. Norman is not only a masterful reed player, but also a leading authority on the music of this era, adding his tasteful and authentic playing to the ensemble.
  • Debbie Arthurs — vocals, percussion. Debbie not only drives the band with her vintage drumming, but delights us with her exquisite vocals, often compared to the great Annette Hanshaw
  • Keith Nichols — piano, trombone. At times we are lucky enough to have the great Keith Nichols, one of the leading figures in British Classic Jazz, joining us on trombone and piano.
  • Martin Litton or Nick Gill — piano. These superb pianists also join the hot combination at other times adding their own unique styles to the band.

Prepare yourselves for an extravaganza of hot tunes, popular songs, novelty items and sentimental ballads all from the golden age of music.


Hot Combination
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